Zoey Nguyen

Zoey Nguyen

Product Design Lead, Singapore

Zoey Nguyen is a Vietnamese Product Design Lead based in Singapore. She is interested in the interconnectedness of systems and how they behave, the simplicity and beauty of the web and spends most of her time figuring out how to build an environment where people are happy, personable and collaborative.

Zoey is also a Community Advocate for Friends of Figma Singapore and along with her team, organises events to bring designers together to share, learn and connect. Recently she joins the team at UXVN Community to organise the biggest UX conference in Vietnam, UXVN Festival 2020.

Zoey is on sabbatical to learn more about inequality, climate change and community building.

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February 18, 2021





“Have you eaten?”: Mindsets to thrive in teams without borders

In an increasingly globalised world where designers are coming together from all backgrounds and cultures to work towards shared missions, it is important to not only recognise how behaviours differ across cultural contexts, celebrate differences but also understand how to effectively work together across borders.In this talk, Zoey Nguyen, a Vietnamese Product Design Lead based in Singapore, will reflect on her experiences living and working in her two “home countries” in South East Asia as well as in international environments with culturally diverse teams and her journey in making mistakes, relearning her own heritage and the mindsets that she’s come to (and is still learning to) adopt to build teams that work better together across cultures.

Zoey Nguyen


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