Stefano Bellucci

Stefano Bellucci

Design Consultant at FutureGov, UK

Stefano Bellucci Sessa, currently a design consultant at FutureGov, has designed digital products and services for big organisations and startups in the private and public sector across Europe. He had the pleasure to collaborate with clients like the UK Department for Education, University of York, Dublin City Council, Sofia municipality, Lloyds Banking group and Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Stefano wants to help people building their creative confidence necessary to innovate. That’s why he facilitates co-creation workshops with clients from different backgrounds, he teaches UX Design, he’s one of the hosts of Creative Morning London, and he’s a mentor for ADPList – where he helps young designers build their confidence during their career.

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February 18, 2021





Managing your mental health as a designer

The design career brings you to be vulnerable in a world with competition and many uncertainties. In your career, you expose your portfolio and work knowing that many designers that are better than you. In your project, you might need to deal with many problems to solve, with many solutions to deliver, many that you need to be ‘crazy one’ to explore without fear.It’s easy to have moments of feel moments when we feel anxious, insecure, or overwhelmed. And that’s ok.This talk will help you manage your mental health and build confidence as a designer. Thanks to Stefano’s learning as a designer, as well as mentor and facilitator for other designers, clients, and users in the emotional roller-coaster of creativity.

Stefano Bellucci


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