Simon Charwey

Simon Charwey

Anthologist and Founder of African Design Matters, Ghana

Founder of @africandesignmatters, online directory cataloguing good works of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC), Afrikan descent, and Afrika-born creatives – a relevant and timely initiative in solidarity and in support of the underrepresented creatives, globally. The ADM mission is to call for a richer, diverse and inclusive art and design history and curriculum that represent all cultures.

Charwey believes design is a cultural response; hence, he is collaborating with creatives and design educators in building a member cross-cultural creative network for the next evolution of creatives who are able to learn from different cultures and create from multiple perspectives.

He is a brand identity designer and anthologist on indigenous Afrikan design systems and Afrikan Symbology.

Charwey is a member of the Pan Afrikan Design Institute (PADI; www.thepadi.org), which is the Design Council of Afrika. He is also the secretary of DesignGhana, a chapter of the PADI.

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February 18, 2021





Design is a Cultural Response.

Let’s talk about expanding the design canon using cultural intelligence. Exploring the reliable connections between cultural studies and creativity.

→ Design is a cultural response. And creativity as a central idea in design is a culturally inclusive concept. I will show us why.

→ Cultures exist to honour the magnitude of creativity and civilization. Do you see your culture as a statement of creativity?

→ As culturally intelligent design educators, researchers, thought leaders, policy makers, cultural entrepreneurs, creatives and students of design, my talk seeks to stir a conversation among us to begin exploring the new definition of design and some call-to-actions on expanding the design canon by inviting all cultures.

→ Let’s also take a look

Simon Charwey


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