Kevin Stine

Kevin Stine

Quantitative UX Researcher - Zalando SE, Germany

Kevin is a quantitative user researcher for Zalando SE - Europe's leading online fashion platform connecting customers, brands and partners. Kevin has previously worked as a data analyst and part-time computer programmer and now enjoys bending research methods and research operations to be scalable and more engaging for participants of user research.

His educational & research background lies in Education (MSc - University of Edinburgh) and Cognitive & Brain Science (BSc - Tufts University) and he enjoys applying these disciplines to UX research by considering the emotional and conceptual prerequisites to human-computer interaction.

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February 18, 2021





Inside Zalando - Beta Testing Flexibly at Scale

Zalando SE recently completed its most ambitious product release yet. To simultaneously test these products before release, Zalando rapidly scaled its beta-testing infrastructure and developed new, more flexible research methods. We’ll share the story of how we built and conducted this beta testing, including a few (constructive) failures we made along the way and our learnings for other teams looking to beta test.

Kevin Stine


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