Kevin Budelmann

Kevin Budelmann

Author, President of IxDA & Peopledesign, USA

Kevin Budelmann is interested in design theory and practice in business, technology, and society. As co-founder and president of Peopledesign, a design strategy firm based in Michigan, Kevin oversees its strategic direction and helps manage client relationships as a designer, strategist, and change catalyst. His work at Peopledesign includes serving as a strategic partner to various organizations, including business and online services, healthcare, education, manufacturing, automotive, finance, design, and consumer products, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Kevin's book, "Brand Identity Essentials," co-authored with Yang Kim, is in its second edition. The book has been translated into six languages worldwide.

Kevin is an adjunct professor at Northwestern University and is a guest lecturer at the IIT Institute of Design in Chicago, RGD Canada, Aquinas College, Ferris State University, and others. He has facilitated workshops for various business clubs, colleges, and industry groups such as PRSA and the University of Michigan Ross School of Business Design & Business Club.

Kevin is currently president of IxDA, the Interaction Design Association, a global organization serving over 100,000 interaction design and UX students and professionals. Previously, he served as president of APDF (The Association of Professional Design Firms) and AIGA West Michigan (The Professional Association for Design), which he helped establish. He has served on advisory boards for AIGA and the Keller Futures Center.

Kevin conducted his undergraduate work at Carnegie Mellon University, where he was among the winners of an international design competition sponsored by Apple and the School of Design in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Kevin's graduate work includes executive education at the Harvard Business School and a Master of Design Methods from the IIT Institute of Design in Chicago.

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February 18, 2021





What is the reach of design and designers? How can empowered designers affect change?

In Design for the Real World, Victor Papanek famously claimed that "design can reduce pollution, overcrowding, starvation, obsolescence and other modern ills." From aesthetics to usability, ethics to equity, it's essential to consider what kinds of problems design can solve – and perhaps more significantly, what problems it can't solve.What can designers do? Do we have agency but not direct power? Are empowered designers suited for operations, or are designers better at making and breaking rules than following them?In this brief talk, we'll explore the boundaries and opportunities of design.

Kevin Budelmann


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