The MAGIC of Semantic IxD

The MAGIC of Semantic IxD

Do you know how much cognitive load your design ideas will place on the user even before yousketch out the first screen? If the cognitive load of your UX design is too high, users will findyour product difficult and unpleasant to use. It;s possible to measure cognitive load in a usability lab, but by then it is too late and too expensive to fix the underlying problems. The solution? You need to know how much cognitiveload your users will face and mitigate it at the beginning of your design projects. In other words,a technique to minimize cognitive load should guide your design practice from the very start.In this guest lecture, Professor Rosenberg will introduce Semantic Interaction Design, aninnovative method that spans all the way from core conceptual models to the deployment ofapplied game theory techniques to create optimal experiences for users.

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February 18, 2021





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