Emerging role of design learning in school education

Emerging role of design learning in school education

Over the last two decade design has matured from making technology usable to solving business and social problems. This is an evolution that will accelerate as companies enlist designers for simplifying increasingly complex opportunities, from self-driving cars to human prosthetics .In the coming years, design as a profession will continue to blend with various industries to create hybrid industries which would be experience led and would require design engineering. Soon industries will need a new wave of astute designers equipped with human wisdom and clear sightedness who can understand and blend together research, design and technology to respond to business & social requirements.To respond to these future needs, the education system need to evolve beyond the Industrial Age, to cater to the experience economy. Schools today need to start designing the journey to evolve listeners and thinkers who can use design thinking to solve these evolving problems.The talk will explore the above premise and how incorporating design learning in schools can equip students to prepare for a design-led future.

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February 18, 2021





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